Everpure Claris Ultra 170 Replacement Filter Cartridge

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The Everpure Claris Ultra 170 Filter Cartridge offers the latest technology from Pentair Everpure, effectively combining mineral reduction and corrosion protection within one compact filter cartridge.

Specially developed for hot drinks applications, the Claris Ultra is trusted worldwide to deliver the highest quality brewed coffee, espresso and hot drinks whilst also being suitable for crystal clear ice making.

The Claris Ultra 5 stage filtration process:
  1. Prefiltration
  2. Carbonate hardness adjustment
  3. Fine filtration
  4. Highly effective carbon block
  5. Solid membrane filter

This ensures the water has balanced alkalinity and mineral composition with a stable, close to neutral pH, resulting in the ideal ingredient water for maximising coffee and hot drinks flavours, whilst also protecting the machinery from internal corrosion and downtime.

  • Effectively prevents scale formation on drip coffee, espresso and tea brewers and small ice machines.
  • Prevents sudden pH drops from decarbonization filters and maintains optimal pH levels for clear ice cubes and the best tasting, highest quality drip coffee and espresso.
  • Eliminates undesirable cloudiness, organic impurities and chlorine, off-taste and odour residues in the water (integrated activated carbon block filter).
  • Ensures the lowest operation costs, less machine downtime and repairs.
  • Features a small footprint – ideal for use when space is at a premium.


  • Micron Rating: μm
  • Capacity: 1700 Litres or 12 months, whichever comes first
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 litres per minute
  • Standards: Tested and certified to NSF and ANSI standards
  • Operating Temperature: 4°C to 30°C
  • Operating Pressure: 2-8 bar.
  • Dimensions: 245mm (h) x 94mm (w)


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