BRITA Purity C Quell ST C500 Water Filter for Coffee, Espresso, Steam Ovens

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The BRITA Purity C Quell ST C500 is trusted by professionals for the reduction of hardness, chlorine and other contaminants for use with coffee, espresso, vending machines, combi steamers and ovens. From the BRITA Professional range, the Purity C Quell is available in a range of sizes for different capacity requirements.

BRITA Purity cartridges can be used with a variable or fixed bypass filter head to optimise filtration based on individual requirements.


  • Trusted Systematic Filter Technology decarbonises water in four steps
  • Effectively reduces unwanted substances that negatively affect taste and aroma – also in bypass water – for optimum quality of the end product
  • Easy handling thanks to the rapid-change system, including innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Easy to operate and space-saving integrated flush valve
  • Meets your needs: works in coffee, espresso and vending machines as well as combi steamers and ovens and comes in a wide range of capacities

Optimum water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality – free of unwanted elements that could impair taste and aroma.

Test approved
The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutes.


Trusted BRITA Systematic Filter Technology decarbonises water in four steps:

1. Pre-filtration
A pre-filter retains coarse particles.

2. Carbonate hardness reduction
Filter medium reduces carbonate hardness to reduce limescale formation.

3. Activated carbon filtration
All water – including bypass water – runs through an activated carbon filter to reduce taste and aroma impairing substances.

4. Fine filtration
Finally, a fleece retains the remaining fine particles.

IntelliBypass technology
The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates.


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