Fit Aqua Slimline 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System & Stainless Steel Tap

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Reverse Osmosis offers the highest and most efficient level of water purification. 

It also greatly improves the taste of your water and food!

The Fit Aqua Slimline 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System & Stainless Steel Tap provides 6 stages of water purification including:

  • 2 x sediment filtration
  • 2 x activated carbon
  • reverse osmosis
  • remineralisation filter ensure the water your drink is pure and contaminant free.

With a final stage remineralisation filter, you don't need to worry about losing essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium - these are added back into your water in optimal amounts to ensure you retain all the health benefits of essential minerals and also great-tasting water,

The highly efficient RO membrane removes over 160 pollutants from your drinking water, including:

  • Chlorine dioxide,
  • Fluorine,
  • Lead and mercury
  • Particles below 0.2 microns, including asbestos, deposits, dirt and limescale
  • 33 pesticides and pesticide by-products,
  • 13 by-products of the disinfection process,
  • Radon and radon decomposition by-products in drinking water,
  • 9 pharmaceutical impurities,
  • 42 types of endocrine disruptors,
  • Carcinogenic substances that are potentially present in water. 
How does molecular filtration work?

Reverse osmosis is the most effective and natural way of water treatment, as it works at the molecular level with the help of a reverse osmosis membrane with pores of 0.1 nanometers.

The membrane only allows water molecules and trace minerals to pass through. The remaining pollutants – chlorine, fluorine, industrial waste, batteries, fungi, heavy metals, lead, bromine and many others – are retained within the membrane and flushed out of the system as wastewater to the sewage drain.

Viruses measure on average 18 nanometers and so are unable to pass through the membrane, whilst coronavirus at around 60 nanometers in size cannot pass through the RO system.

Research confirms that RO water:
  • Supports the proper functioning of cells
  • Helps protect cells against changes related to harmful environmental factors.

RO filtered water is excellent for cooking, brewing and preparing herbal infusions as it keeps the natural taste of food and drinks

The Fit Aqua 6 Stage RO System includes:
  • 2 x sediment cartridges
  • 2  x granular activated carbon cartridges
  • Water re-mineralising cartridge
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane
  • 18L RO Tank
  • Double RO Tap in Stainless Steel
  • Full installation kit & instructions
Why choose an RO system?

Concerned about whether the water you and your family is drinking is safe? There are over 330 identified man-made chemicals detected in UK top water to date and likely many more, with recent reports of PFAS (forever chemicals) and microplastics which are known to increase the risks of cancer. 

If you want to drink clean, pure water without the risks caused by a wide range of problem contaminants in your drinking water - including pesticides, bacteria, microplastics, microfibres, heavy metals, fluoride, reverse osmosis is proven to be the best and most effective question solution.


Tank: 35cm (l) x 24cm (w)
RO System: 43cm (l) x 34cm (d) x 12cm (w)

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