Doulton Sterasyl Filter - 10" Drop In Cartridge

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The Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Water filter offers genuine sub-micron filtration and is highly effective against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria (including cryptosporidum), cysts etc.

This filter candle does not have a capacity limit as it can be cleaned. Despite this, you may want to change the filter every 12 months or so to ensure optimum performance.


  • 10" open-ended drop-in cartridge
  • Ideal for RO guard and post-filtration
  • Highly efficient bacteriological filtration
  • Filtration efficiency of >99.99% at 0.9 microns
  • Filtration efficiency of >99.9% at 0.5 - 0.8 micron
  • Tested with live Cryptosporidium to the removal of >99.999%



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