Doulton HCS Stainless Steel Counter Top Water Filter System with Ultracarb Filter

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The Doulton HCS with Ultracarb Ceramic Filter is a high quality Stainless Steel Filter System for improving the taste and quality of tap water, with Ceramic Ultracarb Filter effectively removing chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and organics. 

With quick and easy connection to most kitchen mixer taps, the Doulton HCS is a simple way of adding a high quality filter system in your home without the need for plumbing. Simply put this on your counter, connect to you tap and take it with you wherever needed. 

Diverter valve connects to most kitchen mixer taps. One position allows water to flow through the filter unit, dispensing filtered water from the spout of the filter unit. The other position allows unfiltered water to run directly through the kitchen tap as normal.

As a portable unit, the Doulton HCS is the ideal solution for caravans, boats or people who move house on a regular basis.


  • High quality stainless steel body with chrome plated brass base
  • 10" short mount Ultracarb ceramic filter candle for reduction of chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals and organics.

Find out more about Doulton Ceramic Filtration Technology.


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